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About Best Life-ing

Best selling author. Speaker. Entrepreneur. Julia Brodska is the owner of two successful businesses and regularly presents her Best Life-ing principles to audiences large and small as she travels the world. She is the living embodiment of a woman who lives her dream life. But it wasn’t always this way. Julia was once overweight, buried in $30,000 of credit card debt (plus a car loan) and filled with self-doubt. Mentors and positive role models helped turn her life around, and she documents this transformation in her #1 new release book Best Life-ing.

Julia’s mission is to do for you, what her teachers did for her—to inspire, instill confidence and provide a path to your dream life. Today, she helps young adults and corporate clients do just that.

Her meal prep business, Juu’s Kitchen, helps customers get healthy and lose weight using a gourmet meal prep plan that, when combined with exercise, helped her lose 30 pounds in one year. Her company Brosell Business Solutions teaches corporate employees how to achieve more in life and work, following her Best Life-ing framework.

When Julia isn’t running her businesses, you can find her practicing yoga or meditation, rollerblading or getting her sweat on at the gym, usually every day.

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Learning Outcomes

Discover how to eat and live well with Best Life-ing. This online eLearning program will provide practical lessons, recipes and inspiration via videos, written work, PDFs, activities, quizzes and private mentoring sessions to enable you live your best life. Here's what you'll get wit hour program:

  • An in depth look into the Physical Area of life with practical steps to prep meals like a gourmet chef

  • 6-week guided transformation process & inspirational stories from our experts

  • Learn how to plan, shop, cook and most importantly- enjoy the process

  • Variety: How to cook 5 different meals a week in 10 steps

  • Get your time back: learn the method, tips and tricks we use to create a week's worth of delicious gourmet meals in 2 hours or less.

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Learn how to create fulfillment in the Physical area of life. Take back your time, save money and most importantly - love the process.